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NUS summer camps

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NUS camps

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This 1-week summer camp, specially curated for pre-university and high school students in Grades 10 - 12, is designed to empower participants with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. From cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to generating innovative business ideas, the course covers the full cycle of business innovation-evaluating opportunities, generating ideas, crafting robust business models, and effectively communicating business concepts. Throughout the program, participants will collaborate in groups to create a business model for a potential new venture.

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to: Understand the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: Grasp the entrepreneurial mindset, the significance of entrepreneurship in economic innovation, and the personal attributes required for entrepreneurial success.  Generate and Identify Viable Business Ideas: Utilize creative thinking and ideation techniques to generate innovative business ideas and identify opportunities that address market needs and personal passions.  Evaluate Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Apply critical analysis and evaluation frameworks to assess the viability, market potential, and competitive advantage of entrepreneurial ideas. Develop and Implement Business Models: Formulate comprehensive business models that outline the steps for turning entrepreneurial ideas into viable ventures, including strategies for resource allocation, market-entry, and overcoming startup challenges. Present Business Models: Effectively communicate and present a well developed business model for a new venture, demonstrating an ability to collaborate, receive feedback, and refine the business concept based on constructive critique

Target Audience and Pre-Requisites Who should attend? Pre-University and high school students in Grade 10 - 12, with an interest in entrepreneurship. Programme Pre-requisites Participants are expected to be able to read, write and communicate in English, as the programme will be conducted in English. There are no subject-matter-specific prerequisites to attend this programme. Lesson Overview Topics Session 1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Session 2 Entrepreneurship Idea Generation Session 3 Entrepreneurship Idea Evaluation Session 4 Entrepreneurship Idea Implementation Session 5 Group Project Showcase and Evaluation: Create a Business Model for Potential New Venture. 



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