GROW Learning Online Course(use National Geographic Leaning Series Books)

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GROW Learning Online Course(use National Geographic Leaning Series Books)

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GROW Learning Online Course-RE(use National Geographic Leaning Series Books)

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The GROW Program Series is designed based on the latest integrated learning concepts, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), as well as English/Language Arts, Science, Social Research, Health, etc. Each topic in the course strives to develop and develop students' comprehensive skills, in which they not only learn a wealth of knowledge, but also improve critical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork, communication skills, information literacy, technical literacy, flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity and leadership.

Reading Explorer, a six-level reading series, prepares learners for academic success with highly visual, motivating National Geographic content that features real people, places, and stories.

Real-world stories give learners a better understanding of the world and their place in it.

Enhanced Reading Skills Sections offer more recycling of key skills needed to become an effective and critical reader.

Target Vocabulary Practice teaches the most useful words and phrases needed for academic reading. Strong readers have strong vocabulary.

Engaging National Geographic video to explore and learn more about a topic.

Foundation level suitable for 8-9 ys old+

Level 1 suitable for 9-10yrs old +

Level 2 suitable for 10-11yrs old+

Level 3 suitable for 11-12yrs old+

Level 4 suitable for 12-14yrs old+

Level 5 suitable for 14yr old +

(GEP students can choose high level to start)

All level package come with National Geographic Learning MyELT online workbook and Student Book( can choose e-student book or Physical student book)


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